fun with class

Class isn’t really that fun, but my Fluids teacher is really cool. He can read the class really well, and knows that we are all behind on our heat transfer project. So he didn’t give a lecture today, but just talked about what we would be learning about and gave us fun facts. He was talking about how water has a higher density at 4 degrees C, then water at 0 degrees C. So in a lake that is very cold at the bottom, the water heated by the sun near the top tries to go to the bottom, while the water at the bottom buoys up. So this cold water that goes up brings a lot of sediment and dead insects on the lake floor up. So all the fish eat just before winter comes. Then he showed us a slideshow of a place in denver where there are craters like this in the mountain side. He showed us 20 pictures of the crater(it was interesting how the teacher really liked each picture, even though they all looked the same to me).

I was helping some guy do music theory 101. He was wondering how a bass clef B flat to treble clef C sharp was an augmented 16. So i started spouting out this music theory of how a B flat major has only a B and E flat, so I know that a C that is sharp is then considered augmented. I think I saw the guy’s head spinning, then he told me that all he knew was how the c major scale and how to read the distance between notes like major 3rd and perfect 4th. So I ended up having to just show him how that he could transpose the notes to the c major scale, and then count it from there.

Finally, I think I can get a 15 cents raise at Lighthouse, I didn’t know that I could get a raise. So I had asked someone and he said that if I had worked 200 hours, I could get a raise. So I’m going to talk to Chef Tony tomorrow. Also, my philsophy co-worker likes to give me advice in puns. So he said those people at Lighthouse won’t give you a raise unless you ask him. and then he said “Squeaky wheel gets the oil”. Now I’m going to save that line and use it when someone asks me something where the answer is that they need to ask to find out.

They finally fixed our shower, I they succo it up, so I can shower tomorrow. I just hope I don’t flood the people downstairs again.

Ooh, i just remembered what i thought was hilarious. In my intermediate dynamics class today, the guy behind me had a dasani water bottle. But it was filled with beer. And you see the teacher walk in and say “that looks like beer in your bottle” and then continues walking up to the front of the class. And then the student mutters “I need it to get through this class”. And throughout the class I think he opens it and drinks. I think he needed it today, because whatever our teacher was talking about was just blowing over our heads.

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