one more final

I just finished my 2nd final of the week. I wish i could have done what my friend did. We met up at 11:30am to check our homework and info. Then I had to go to my EE final, and he went kayaking. =). He told me how to kayak up the coast and back. I wish i could do that.

I came back to my room to see my roommate packing up to leave. So we end up talking and somehow he spins my words so I what i say sound funny. Somehow he ended up joking “stop being a liar”, and i told him “i’m no liar, because liars have their pants on fire”. Then my roommate is asking me why i’m taking off my pants at that exact same moment. Crackers. I was taking off my pants because it was hot in the room, and i had shorts on underneath. Maybe my pants were on fire =).

Hmm, you know whats interesting, is how my friend can so easily bring spiritual matters into conversation. The one that went kayaking, we were talking before our test while sitting at our desks. And he does it by quoting from songs. He was telling me how he was not worried because he was listening to jars of clay, and shane bernard and the lyrics really got him thinking about how in eternity we won’t be worrying about these things we are doing now. I really forgot what the quote from the shane bernard song was, but it was one about grace. He really inspired me with how he so easily integrated God while talking to me, and not feel awkward.

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