Chinese New Years


I love chinese new years. I think it is the only holiday where I hang out with my relatives 2 times in a span of 3 days. Then I have dinner with my parents on chinese new years. My favorite part is getting lucky money. The rule is that married people have to give single people money.

So my married cousin has to give me money, but my grandma kind of makes an exception, because she gives all the grandchildren lucky money. Smile My other cousin’s girlfriend broke the system on saturday, because she got two of the same red envelopes, so my grandma was trying to figure out why she had two of the same envelopes with the same amount in there.  My grandma and grandpa put 2 different values in their 2 envelopes.

I also played a little bit of flappy bird, that is a really hard game. I think I maxed out at 17, but that was after 25 attempts. It reminds me of that nintendo game balloon fight a lot. That game is one of my favorite of all time to play with my cousins.

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