Special Trip to LA Day 1


Today, I went to work as usual. However after work, it was time for a special mission roommate trip with our lucky 3rd person. We are going down south to help a brother out with the ladies.

I didn’t realize how close “Matrix” casino was to the SJ airport, so I parked in the cell phone waiting part of the street, as I waited for Chosen to pick up the rental car from the airport. While sitting there, I see that there are fireworks being shot off, at first I thought it was real gunshots. However, I looked up between the trees and saw little colors floating. If I was in the ghetto, I would have ducked and taken cover Winking smile

It was an epic trip, we left around midnight because we had to celebrate Chengjou’s birthday 28th birthday.

I had a pretty awkward moment the night before, when someone asked me if I was going to the bday party the next day. I knew the time to pick up the car was around 7pm, and the heavy rain was going to start at around 9pm. So in my mind, the optimal time to leave would be around 8pm, which would be the best because the drive will be safe, and we will not be too tired.

All of this is being calculated in my mind because I have no idea what Chosen will say. I don’t want to say yes, just in case we are going early, I respond back to derrick, “I am going to be with Chosen, so we most likely will not be making it”. Then Chosen comes running my way going, “hey man, we are going to Chengjou’s birthday”, so derrick looks at me and goes “Ooh, so you are going now!”. Ugh, there goes the first plan that we had stated on groupme. 

Anyway, we went to watch the lego movie. It is a very ADD, and random movie. Then the one song that was stuck in my head was “everything is awesome”. I sang it going to the car, and then when I woke up I sang it some more.

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