China Worktrip


So I am going on a worktrip to china. I will be helping another company install a new datacenter. It was a pretty rough start to the trip because i checked in the wrong bag so i had go toss my personal disposable razors.

It was a really long ride, but i was prepared this time. I had a seat cushion and a good neck pillow.


The flight did have a slight 1 hour delay before departure. Which was okay because i found ways to pass the time.


The first night we stayed at a hotel in Beijing as we waited for our flight out. I got a ridiculously nice room. One of the first thing i noticed is how bad the smog is here. It was around 5pm, and it smells like someone just left open a can of lighter fluid maybe 6-10 feet away. You can kind of smell it, and it is pretty thick.

As for our next flight it will be an early flight in the morning.

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