Can I sing on back to back nights? Nope

So here is my blog update for the week. Well on Saturday, it was the church celebration. It was a nice formal and dressed event. There were some pretty fun stuff happening, we had a really terrible song choreograph. The best part was that the worship team sang, and they sounded worse than the rest of us. It was also becuase they had 2 people singing.


We made a nice red carpet entrance.


There was a wooden frame for pictures to be taken.

After that some of the college graduates wanted to hang out because they were all dressed up. So we went to the lounge “Bijou”. Then I ran into the lady from the offiice who does payroll. It was interesting running into her, because I was walking around and someone went “Hi Andrew”, and then I recognized her.

Then we went karaoke because that place was really packed and we didnt’ have room to just sit around.


we sang for 4 hours, so much that I couldn’t even sing the next day at chruch. The best part was me trying to teach children sunday school, I was speaking but only a weak sound was coming out.


On sunday, we started our first softball practice. We need a lot of practice fielding right now, because i think everyone batted around a couple times before we even got 3 outs.

As for our softball team, I think I will buy everyone their own baseball card this year, so it will be really cool. Just keeping everyone’s stats and stuff.

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