Space Station

I was looking out tonight at 6:45-6:48 towards the horizon to see if i could catch a glimpse of the international Space Station. However, there were a lot of clouds and other stuff in the way, so I couldn’t see it. It was really cold outside too, I think I almost caught a cold, because I was starting to snifle until i got back inside the house.

Today, I was thinking why do I want to give my chiropractor a gift for working on my neck. It was just a thought in my mind, because I asked a couple other of my friends if they do that. It seems, it must have been something I picked up from my relatives and parents. Where I can show appreciation for someone helping me, especially if I interact with that person a lot. That was why I am trying to find a way to meet up with my chiropractor so I can give her a nice “thank you” present for working on me, because I don’t think she gets paid for her work right now (however she just graduated).

Also, I sat around thinking about how in life, it is interesting how you run into people in different places that you don’t expect them. Then I start thinking of all the time, where I might have ran into more people I knew if I walked around at the same time. Like the one time I ran into a couple of college friends after a date in san jose. They happened to be walking by and I went “What’s up?” and it took them a minute to recognize me. =)

It just made me think, I should keep in touch with my fringe friends more too. Because it is nice to just meet up and see how they are doing.

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