I’ve been busy as a bee. If you haven’t heard, my senior project is behind schedule, and unless we catch some breaks, i might need to put in some extra weeks after graduation to finish it. But I’m praying that we can finish it before graduation. That’s why I barely have time to blog, I’m working on both my projects often. So my life is kind of dull.

But I did have a weird moment last night. I was in a dream, and had to go to the restroom. Usually, I go to sleep at 12, and my roommate sleeps around 1-2am. So to not disturb me he usually doesn’t turn on the lights in the room. So, I had to go to the restroom, and woke from my dream. I get up and see this shadow-like figure walking through the door with the lights all dark. I start to scream (well the way i scream is that I make this giant gasp), and then half way into the gasp I think “this is my roommate, Mark”, and stop making a noise and run to the restroom.

I talked to my roommate today, and he went “Man, I thought that I had scared you so much that you ran into the restroom.”. Because all he saw was me get out of bed, start to scream and then run to the restroom. So, I’m really spaced out when i wake up. =)

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