tweener engineer

Being a mechanical engineer means that I’m a tweener engineer. So much stuff that I don’t really know how to do, but i have to do. I sat there in the lab today trying to make this digital compass work. Which meant, that I had to figure out how to hook up all the wires together. From what I’ve learned from using things that have pnp, or npn. If it doesn’t work, use a resistor to make it work. With the magic of my lab partners, they helped me make it work. The wires that I used suck, but it works and I’m happy with that.

I wanted to do something interesting today, but I worked on my senior project. I sat on that giant keg, and spent a couple hours trying to drill two holes into it. My hand was cramped up after all that work I did on it. =(. I’m not sure how I even found time during the week to do other stuff that didn’t involve school. I made sure I did my stuff for the sister’s appreciation night (whew, I almost said what I did, but just in case someone stumbles across what I write).

For my summer, I plan on getting a job, but as i’m still looking I figured out what i’m going to do with my time. Either I will build my own robot, make a giant cartoon animation (with a sweet storyline), figure out how to program a game, or figure out how to do all three of those at the same time.

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