lucky lucky lucky. I got lucky. I thought i was going to get a ridiculously hard dynamics teacher. Whew, i walked into class and i saw a british female professor. I was thinking, i don’t think el ghandour is her last name. I even went past my classmate for math from last quarter. He walked by me and asked me if i had dynamics, he was going to another class, but acutally was in my class. He had written the wrong room number down. =)


So instead of having massive homework from my dynamics teacher i have reasonable homework now. I can manage that.


Hehe, i just looked at my class schedule, and my physics teacher wrote my physics book. =) and =( . I wo’nt know until i go into class tomorrow and find out.


why does nobody leave a comment?

Ah yaya, nobody leaves me any comments, except for vinesh. It makes my blog feel lonely. So i’ll leave comments for myself even though i could just post just as fast. Oohh, i know what. I’ll ask a question and maybe somebody will give me an answer. =)


Who invented the grading system? Why isn’t there an E. You can get an A,B,C,D and F. But you can’t get an E. ?????

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