Brake Light

My brake light on the right side of my car has been burnt out for hte past 2 weeks. I didn’t know about it until Ed told me, and I bought a lightbulb last week, but have not been able to make time to fix it. Today after my lab at 6pm, I came back and it the sun had just set. Thinking about what I had to do tomorrow and the day after that, I didn’t think I would have time to fix the light bulb, so I fixed it then.

I ran inside borrowed Marc’s little flashlight, stuck that in my mouth as I was moving around unscrewing everything in the rear light. That was the fast and easy part, the hard part was figuring out how to pull it out. I couldn’t find my toyota manual at first so I didn’t know how to pull the light out. Then after finding it, I found out I had to pull the light out in a certain direction. So half an hour later, and with my mouth tasting metal, and my hands all dark from the stuff I was touching, my brake light was replaced.

For a quick little update on random stuff that I did today. My lab partner’s had to go to the restroom, and we were right next to the business building. So one went into the girls restroom, and there was a guy working on the vending machine in the girls restroom. I was kind of bored so I was talking to him, and I found out he was fixing the tmp vending machine in the restroom. It usually takes him 1 hour to fix it because he has to leave everytime a girl needs to use the restroom.

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