Another Long Day

Boy o boy, I had 2 really long days back to back. Yesterday I went from 8am to 7pm, today it was from 9am to 7pm. But I think I got a lot done in my group projects.

Speaking of my projects, it looks like my senior project is going to be harder than I thought. The guy has given us a 2,000 budget to make him a wine filling machine. And a lot of that money is going to go to buying food grade materials, so we won’t have much for anything else. My lab partners and I have been debating and trying to come up with new ideas to work around this. So hard to get this to work with no money.

But for making projects, a guy in my 406 class told me he was buying this really cheap microcontroller. It will only cost 35 dollars, but it will be a powerful enough microcontroller to run a robot.
Just in case there are other people out there who might want to make some automated machine.

I might go to the job fair tomorrow, but I don’t really see any companies I would want to work for tomorrow. All the ones that are in the Bay Area are coming on Thursday, so I’ll be eyeing that day.

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