The end of my college career coming

I went to see the college advisor to get an unofficial graduation evaluation. And according to the guy Greg, after looking through my grades and classes, I will only need to take 7 more units next quarter. 3 classes, and I should be able to run away from Cal Poly with a diploma. So, I”ll be looking to see what random class I could take, becuase I’ll still have to pay full tuition and I might as well learn something random.

The advising center has a door that is always locked. And I walked face first into the door. Usually, I walk on the right hand side, and the double doors are in front, and I walk into the one on the right, and it doesn’t budge. And my face goes into the door. There was this girl walking behind me, and I think she was laughing, but I didn’t want to turn around to confirm my suspicions.

I have this one teacher who talks likes to talk a lot when we go ask her questions on the lab. I think we went in with one simple question, and 35 minutes later we come out with the longest and most complete answer possible.

One of my classmates is really nice, he kicks my chair when I’m asleep in controls class. Usually around 1:20-1:40pm, my eyes decide that they need to close, while my brain is awake. So I’ve done a lot of things to stay awake. If you remember simtower, I try to make my own manually drawn version of it. I have this piece of blank paper next to me and I would draw on there to try to stay awake. After class ended, I had maybe around 8 floors done.

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