beautiful day

Today was one of those really really nice days. Not a single cloud in the sky, and a warm day. I went to class in a polo shirt and shorts. I started to sweat because my undershirt and poloshirt was not giving me much air ventilation. I thought to myself why did i wear an undershirt, becuase it was really uncomfortable. I think i’m just use to wearing one, becuase i feel naked without it. My piano teacher use to ask me wasn’t i really hot wearing two t-shirts. Maybe tomorrow I will go without my undershirt. =).

I sat around in the library by myself studying for my ee lab final. There was no one in the library, i think the weather was just too nice for people to study in the library, because when i was walking past dexter lawn, i saw a lot of people just lying down on the ground.

My roommate seems to keep up with every single news item. I saw that jack johnson was going to be on snl, and he told me he knew about htat a long time ago. My roommate loves to watch tv. He bought arrested development,because he bought that, it makes me feel like going and buying “batman: the animated series”.

As i was sitting in the me lab doing some work on the computers. I was bored, so i opened up the webpage for the me lab webcam. And i just watched it, and i could see myself sitting there and moving around. So i started doing some funny movements. Because i was in the back of the lab, and everyone else that wasusing hte lab was on the closer desks, they couldn’t see me doing funny things. The webcams have a 1 second delay, but real time feed.

Tomorrow, i think i will go swimming. Maybe.

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