batman was great

Batman Begins was really good. Vinesh, Edris and I went to watch it. But before that, we went to stoneridge to see if we could buy a rugby jersey. So we walked all around stoneridge and could not find it. Then we found out that it closed, and now there is going to be an Ann Taylor in its spot.

Batman was great, we eventually decided that Katie Holmes did an adequate job compared to Liam Neeson, Christian Bale, and the other guys. We thought it was because she was too public. We couldn’t believe her because we kept on thinking of Tom Cruise when she was acting. Vinesh was talking about how he was reading the time magazine, and said that Al pacino, and Christian Bale don’t do interviews because they don’t want people to know too much about them. That way people can believe their characters. Then we gave Christian Bale props for going for going from 135 in the machinist to 200 lbs in Batman in six months.

Then we sat at vinesh’s house and watched his tv. So we were watching mtv soul and 70’s music.

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