basketball hurts (but i’m small so i’m closer to the ground)

we play basketball every week after AACF. I think some people are more prone to injury then others. Jon and Dave both went down when they cramped up. And i think i flipped someone over, because we were both jumping for the ball, and i fell on the ground and the other guy fell over me. It was like this, he jumped for the ball, (He’s taller then me), and the ball is above my head. So i jump up and swipe (not too much, but fingertips) the ball from his finger tips as he is coming down. I then try to stretch for the ball which is just on my left, and the guy is on my right reaching over me. And the guy jumps again, as i’m coming down. Because i was reaching out far to my left, I landed on my elbows. As he was reaching over me, he landed on me and flipped over. He came up okay.

I like having fun when I play basketball, and my favorite pass is the one that just skims a person’s hair. For some reason, it always work, if i throw the ball just a little bit above the person’s head. Most people have that reaction of ducking, and their arm can’t close fast enough over their head. =). We lost 4 games tonight. It’s alright, because we were just overmatched. I was so close on a block tonight also. Eventually our defense was all over the place, and I would end up leaking to the middle to help out. Nobody went straight towards me, they all had to do the sideway actions, and i couldn’t reach them with my arm span.

Ooh, i saw this cool new article on popular science. soundless speakers That must be really cool. Having speakers that make no noise, but you can hear it when it is aimed at you. I would want to make something like this for my senior project.

On a side note, the water in SLO is very hard. I was taking a shower today, and it felt like i was getting pricked by little grains of sand. It made my back very itchy, the kind that you get when you get those microcuts from grass. You don’t see it, but you feel it.

Hmm, when i talk to people I look at their eyes. What i noticed was that a lot of people in AACF seem to not be getting a lot of sleep. They have a lot of bags under their eyes, with those eye wrinkles. Then I wonder how my classmates survive on only 4-5 hours of sleep a day. … It must be the coffee they drink.
They don’t fall asleep as fast as me. I just go into the starfish position, close my eyes and then i find out its a the next day.

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