Water is fun to look at

We had a lab today in fluids where we watched the flow turn from turbulent to laminar flow. It was an easy lab, but took a bit of time to get all the data. We juat sat there for set times of 6-8 minutes just watching the water come out of the pipe. We were all talking, and one of my lab partner was telling me how if a resturant hand a water fountain, he could sit there for 30 minutes waiting to be seated. I thought about it also, and it is true how water has such a calming effect on people.

On the other side, the water made both my partners have to go to the restroom. I think one of them drank 3 cups of coffee, while the other one had 2. It was because of us working on our lab last night. They finished their’s up at around 2 am. While i finished mine earlier. The sound of water coming out of the pipe gave them the urge to go to the restroom.

What i notice is that a lot of people wear the same type or kind of clothes everyday. It reminded me of cartoons and tv shows where the people always wear the same clothes. I think i noticed this because my friend was riding his bike and saw me from behind and said “good morning”. And he picked me out from a crowd of 4-5 people. Then in my class, i was bored so i looked around, and started to notice that people around me wore that type of clothes all the time. The guy behind me always wears a t-shirt, long shorts, and sandels. The guy in front of me always wears blue jeans, and a solid color t-shirt. The guy to my right wears a lot of sweatshirts. I think tomorrow, I will wear something different and mess with the people’s mind around me. I have mostly been wearing polo’s.

Finally, I saw waiting at the train tracks and waiting to cross. And I saw the train drive by at around 35-45 mph. In my mind, i was hoping to see an open boxcar, with the door open. Just like in “O. brother where art thou”.

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