So after work yesterday, I came home and had to baby sit my cousins. Actually before they came, I was washing my car. So I had finished washing one car, when Zoe came first. I think it was around 7:00pm. I think she’s 7 years old, so she actually likes to do stuff. Unlike the 4 year old cousins that just run around.

She wanted to help me wash the car, so I let her. Then we played some soccer, and at around 9pm we went back into the house, and she watched her dvds. “Zoey 101: spring break up” or something like that. It was an easy babysitting day today, and I got some work stuff done.

At work, there is this one rv that has been sitting outside on the road. And we think some kids from the high school have been pushing hte rv down the street. 2 weeks ago it was near the railroad tracks, last week it was next to the fence. And yesterday the rv was pushed into the ditch. Now we have to do stuff about it.

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