a sleepy day

Because it makes you sleepy in the morning if you don’t get enough sleep. I was brought my lunch to work today, but I forgot to clean my lunchbox so it must have had some remants of candy or something in there. Because i put my lunchbox down and 30 minutes later I come back and there is a brigade of ants marching into it. So I open up to see what they are eating, and surprisingly, they didn’t touch my sandwich or my cookies. if you drove past me, you would have seen me throwing my lunchbox up and down trying to shake all the ants out of it.

At toastmasters today, I was the timerkeeper. For some reason, everyone kept on going overtime with their speeches. I’m not sure why, but it made me wonder, am I a bad time keeper, and they can’t see the red light that tells them to stop. So I talk to the guys afterwards, and it seems that they don’t look at lights at all, and just go through their speech.

I hope my pinky heals soon, becuase its still is swollen a little near the middle knuckle. I think its because i haven’t really truely allowed it to rest. By playing basketball, going to batting cages, and playing guitar. So I will have to do absolutely nothing this weekend except sleep and hope my body fixes itself up.

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