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On a side note: I met some of my sister’s friends, and I don’t like some of her guy friends, why? because they are superficial and boring to talk to. She was telling me one of her friend thought I was weird because I was asking him weird questions. Well, my sister was telling him I was just trying to make small talk with him. And I could tell that he wasn’t too social, because when I was talking to him he gave me one word answers. I know my share of quiet people, like my friend Darrell. He would never say anything to me, or Marc. But if you talk to them, they will actually have a lot to say.

There is one thing in hte house that i hate turning on. And its the gas stove. For some reason, there is this really fine technique to turn it on, and I can never get it. I’m twisting betwen the Lite and high position, I push down, I flip it through. And it doesn’t light. So I wait round 30 seconds for the gas to go through the vent. Then I try again, and usually takes 10 seconds of fidgeting ot move it out, so by that time there is always a nice big poof as the gas gets ignited, and it scares me. =).

I also talked to mikey about my swollen finger. And he thinks I have a hairline fracture, that is why it is still a little bit bigger then the rest of my fingers. I asked him how long it took, and he said 6 months. Then I looked like =(. becuase I wanted it to heal faster.

I woke up at 6:58am today in the morning. And why is that important, well last night i was playing video games online with Vinesh. And he said “I’m going to sleep, because i need to wake up at 7:00am”. So I told him, I’ll see you in the morning and went to sleep. Then naturally I woke up at 6:58 and I thought to myself vinesh would have awaken, should I call him? Then I thought, he would wake up at this time also. So I just went back to sleep. Then I talked to vinesh later in the day and he woke up at 6:59 and watched the clock turn to 7:00 and jumped out of bed.

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