*I was originally thinking of making this private, but I thought about it, and thought other people would want to know how I do handle conflict.*

I hate insensitive people, I’m feel like Mr. Furious from mystery men. I’m going to break down a tree. Karate chop it right down with buzz lightyear action chop. Freakazoid, asdf, I’m just sitting here venting out my anger. Static Shock would get overload and explode if he touched me right now. I could eat Doctor Oct whole, and the green goblin would be freaked out if he ran into me. Superman better stay in metropolis, and Batman isn’t going to be saved by his yellow belt. That’s how much venting i’m letting off. I would be some supervillain called Mr Steam.

Figuratively, I would be like the hulk and smash and bash. Or like wolverine, I’m not one nice bub.

hmm, I will figure it out later. My roommate and I don’t see eye to eye. We even talked, and i’m still mad, because he’s contradicting me. Him telling me about the catharsis theory and how venting my anger in punching something will not work. I don’t punch walls or anything, i just do pushups and punch my hands together.

I’m just going to type out my anger. asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfsadfsadfsdfsdfsdfsadf.

Okay, I’m done with anger, I’ll forgive and forget. whew. That was 10 minutes of intense overloaded emotion.

(later) So I just took 5-10 minutes to gather my thoughts.

Okay, I’m going to add to my post earlier. Because I took out all my anger, and now I retalked back to my roommate and I found out what really was ticking me off. Now I’m crying, but I think my roommate and I have figured out what is wrong. Whenever I talk to him, I laugh and smile when I say things. So he thinks I’m joking around so he jokes back with me. But I’m not trying to be joking, i just happen to like to say things with a smile on my face. I think it must be really hard for my roommate to read me.

I don’t like crying because I have to go wash my face often, and my eyes get all puffy and I look like I haven’t slept. But I found out, when I’m angry and I talk out my problem. I know when I find the root cause of the problem. If i hit the root of the problem, I usually start to cry, because it hurts right there the most. Now I have to walk off all this crying.

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