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Today was such a nice day, but i didn’t go outside. =(. I sat around in my room doing homework and being a nerd. I was catching up on a lot of reading. I’m behind a chapter in 2 classes, and did reading to catch up. The only hard thing about what i read is that I don’t really understand it at all. I have to do the homework problems, and look at the answers. Then when I read over the chapter, everything becomes clear.

My roommate asks me why i ask him if he wants to hear what I am going to say. He says this because i always ask him this question, but tell him even if he responds no.I ask him some questions like

question: “would you invite me to your wedding”; his answer “no”
question: “would you go to an A’s game with me”; his answer “no”
question: “have you ever been attacked by a dog”; his answer “no”
question: “do you ever want to babysit”: his answer “no”
question: “have you ever had to fix your car door”: “no”

I think he’s playing with my mind, because he always answers no.

So i was doing some reading of “Black Enterprise”, a magazine that i randomly subscribed to because it was free. Its fairly interesting, my other roommate was laughing when he saw the magazine on the table. He said “Andrew, are you getting in touch with your black roots?” And I say “yes I am, the brotherhood flows through me.”
I hope i get an internship this summer. I sent my resume to this HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) summer intern program, and they will help me find one. But I’m not sure if they will be able to find me one. So i’ll have to do a little more in and out looking.

If i don’t get one, then I will sit in my house and be a rock star for the summer. Or I’ll sit around and draw. Or I will just sit around and think up stuff to patent.

I”m sitting here writing the alphaphabet in cursive over and over again. I was looking at my handwriting the past day, and my cursive has suffered a little. So just like guitar, i’m working it back into shape.

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