wanting to do something

I’m sitting here getting ready to sleep. I’m really back logged on sleep. I went to sleep at 12am, and woke up at 6:00am, and when i came back from class. I slept from 10:30am-1:00pm. Now i’m going to sleep at around 9:30pm. I’m just really tired, and when i’m really tired I start thinking incoherantly, and incompletely.

Last night, i ran to my friends place at 11:00pm, because i was doing homework, and i couldn’t figure it out. So I ran all the way to his place to get the answer from him, so i would know how to do it on the test. So i got the solutions to get the answer, and i was studying it really hard.
Then i go to class today for hte quiz, and it turns out the quiz is on stuff much easier then the homework. I was busting my butt to try to learn something the teacher taught us today.

Work is a joke, I think its because the people in charge don’t really care anymore. This is going to be lighthouse’s last quarter on campus, then they will remodel it ,and change the way the place is run next quarter. So the head chef and manager just told us to not make too much trouble. So, we don’t make too much trouble, but tonight is the all-star lineup. We joke around the whole entire time. We were making bicep jokes. “do you have tickets … to the gun show?”. Then derrick said “did you see my beach ball (flexes his arms as if he’s holding a ball”. Then Ryan went “Lets go to the beach, (pointing with his arm over his head). “I got stopped at the airport because of my guns.”

That’s enough of bicep jokes. At least it wasn’t pablo’s mexican joke. What do you call to mexicans playing basketball. . Juan on Juan.

Now i will rant to myself, because i need to get stuff off my mind.

I’m sitting here contemplating what i did today. After a long thought, I didn’t really do anything world changing or important. I mean, studying is important, but i didn’t do anything that I would consider life-changing or up there. For some reason i want to do something that makes an impact on the world. I’m not sure how i would do it. I feel like that i’m not using my God given talents. That is what makes me mad, I have skill just lying around getting rusty.

If only I could find someone else who would help me in ventures. My roommate is not very useful here, he doesn’t have the passion to take chances, make mistakes as me. What i wanted to make were Bible Hero trading cards, they would be like baseball cards. Then another idea was to just write music, but for some reason I don’t really enjoy doing things alone, its not as fun. Just like in baseketball, i don’t really care about scoring, I just want go for the assist. If i only figured it out.

I’m still working on the Bible verse; I have parts of it memorized. It helps me a lot when I pray, because I try to not worry about my prayer being too long or short, as long as I take my time to pray to God, be without any time constraints.

It’s going to take a while, maybe i’ll figure out tomorrow, right now I’ll just not do homework and set the rest of the night for God. Its a good thing i only have one class tomorrow, so I can do things like this.

Finally, I have 5 donuts lying on my table. 2 bearclaws, 2 strawberry stuffed donut, and a swirl. I’ll give it to my roommates.

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