paper flies

I have to stop carrying papers along with me when I go to find something to put it in. For some reason, I put these pieces of paper in weird places as I’m looking for a folder or something to file it in. So as I’m looking, I might get distracted by a co-worker who needs me to do something. Then when I come back with my folder, I have no idea where I placed that paper. It takes 5 minutes to retrace my steps and look at every place I would put it. Then, I look up, and see it standing up against a binder.

As I was shuffling some papers around today, I was thinking “it would be cool to have a penpal living in some obscure country”. Then I thought back to when I had penpals, and all I could remember was 1st grade and some penpal kid from Australia. Then I wonder how that kid turned out.

Now I know how rumors get started. One of the engineering guys was talkign about how the boss for 6 months took a 3 hour lunch. And everyone was wondering where he went. So they made up rumors like he was meeting other females. Since the boss never told anyone where he went, but eventually they found out it was because he was taking classes for his mba.

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