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I’m still sore from the rumble in the park yesterday. It was a very painful football game. We split up the teams, so it ended up being 7 on 7 with a permanent qb playing for both teams. At the beginning of the game, i was matched up against a heavier guy. It wasn’t very plesant when he got the ball and started running. I could wrap him up when he caught the ball and wasn’t running. But if he was free and running around, i was in trouble because he has 190 and had a longer arm span then me and just stiff armed me. But when i was on offense, i was very consistent. I got 2 tds and a lot of yardage. I also made a one handed interception that gave us a chance to tie the game at 8 a piece. We were playing by ones up to 10. I think most of my soreness came when i was tackling people. I did go cheekbone into someone’s forehead, becuase he lowered his head into me and i was setting up for those really nice hits where you are perfectly square and just drive your shoulder into their sternum. He was around 150, so i didn’t really drive him back, but i did hit him and he went back several feet and someone else came and tackled him. The guys on the team i was on, we were dominating the other team, but they just got lucky bounces. I striped the ball out of one of the wr’s and unfortunatley it bounced directly into another wr’s hand. And he ran it all the way down.

Let’s see if i can describe the soreness going through me. When i woke up in the morning for church, I just sat in my bed because my butt muscles are sore on both slabs. Kind of weird sitting down and feeling a bruise. Then my thighs on the underside are very sore, i got knee in the back of my thigh 2x. And i like stretching because it makes my body feels more flexible.

My roommate has the roommate sense, i think he can read my mind, because he answered my question before i even posed it. I was about to ask him what channel is the game show network, and he said “you want to watch extreme dodgeball. it plays on thursday”. The funniest thing is how he is laid back and when i ask him weird questions, he always seems to have an answer.We were watching family guy and peter griffen was pretending to get hit by a car ,and i asked my roommate “have you ever been hit by a car?” and he said “well, almost. You know how in Cal Poly if you just jay walk people will stop just for you, well i’m so use to it that i do it in my house in LA, and cars would stop and yell at me and almost run me over.”

Good thing i look both ways before i cross the street.

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