Today was a wet day. I felt all wet as i walked to class, and it was very windy as I walked to class, and i saw people’s umbrellas go upside down. Because it was raining a lot, my art class was only half full. I think everyone didn’t come.

After work, i usually walk back alone to my place, because it’s 8:00pm and no one is outside. And i get bored, and you know how when you have to walk at least half a mile, it can be a very boring walk. So I had to do something to keep me interested. So i count steps. I make a number, like I will walk back to my place in 800 steps. So i start counting. And it takes more then 700 steps to walk from the cafeteria to my place. I had predicted 500, but i had to keep on adding to it.

Can someone buy me a trunk monkey/? I need a monkey to clean my trunk. haha.

My roommate is nice, he brought back 2 umbrella with him, so he let me borrow one. I hope my absentee ballot comes soon. Unless the mailman delievered the mail to the wrong place. I noticed that the people that lived in my apt before, never changed their address, because i get some of their bills and these old stuff. I feel sorry that they don’t get their bill, and i really won’t do anything.

I was sitting around, and drawing more pictures for ww.blank-label.net. I think it is getting there. I added a 404 error page to it also.

I’m just writing right now until i remember what i wanted to type about, but can’t remmeber that. so i will stop, and give you a virtual hug.

Meatwag get the honeys, shakezilla old schoola, frylock

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