I just wrote a long log and i accidently deleted it. I was trying to capitalize by using the shift key, but i pressed some combination and it highlighted everything and erased it. Now i have to start all over again.

So i was in chinatown with my sister. And because i’m there with my sister, we always will get into disagreements. I think it was overdue, because we were very nice for hte last week. So my grandfather was telling my sister not to let the bag of bananas hit her leg so much, becuase it would bruise the bananas. And since my sister was 10 feet ahead. I talked really loud to get her attention. But she turned around and said “Stop yelling at me”. Then she must have hit my medula amygala. Because i insticntively went and poked her in the belly button. It was a clean poke too, right down the middle, in her shirt. She then reacted by punching me in my stomach, but it was a good thing that I had flexed my stomach. So she with her half hard punch landed it in the muscle. After that, we made amends and it was peaceful again. I would describe my situation with my sister like an earthquake. The fault lines are nice for a long time, but sometimes things trigger and we shake and rumble. Then everything turns back to normal.

I was then talking to vin online. We were talking about whether it would be better to have celebrity fame or businessman recognition. So we had a spirited conversation, we didn’t really disagree, but I liked playing the devils advocate. We first talked about how celebrities don’t have much power on changing economy and how we live. In 10 years from now, we won’t really remember who won the oscar, but we will remember who landed on the moon still. But then i said Oprah is powerful, but he read about how. Bill gates everyday his money value fluxates the value of oprah. (10 billion dollars). So we gave the businessman’s job a more redeming value for advancing society, becuase htey will invent things that we can use to simplify our lives. Then there was the fame that people want. IF you wanted to be popular, we gave that to the celebrities. Because you will get a lot of fame from fans, while businessmen will only have fame within their network. But the thing about celebrities is that their fame is fleeting, white a businessman’s reputation and fame is always there, and can only grow. Celebrities might be famous, but if they don’t do anything to keep themselves in the limelight, eventually people will forget them. Then we continued on other things like would i want a independent woman for a wife. Other good things.

Another thing, don’t you hate it when you wake up on the wrong side of bed, and your body hurts and sore. You don’t want to get up, but you have to. Then when you are feeling all bad and so forth, you meet someone and they say “how you doing?”, and you say “fine”, but when in acutality you would want to say “I’m doing as a fine as a broken glass. My shoulders and arms are sore, and i had totally forgotten about it until you reminded me.” That is what I will say because I learned that if I harbor it in myself, i will grow disgruntled and hate you for something that you didn’t do.
By the way, don’t you hate it when someone takes out their frustrations on you. You walk in and hte person is dissappointed in themselves, and want to vent. But instead of trying to talk to you in a nice way. They focus their frustrations into little arrowheads that they unleash on you. They start lashing out at you with their sword like tongue getting mad at you for no reason. Then that gets you mad, and your sun shiny day, has just been interrupted by hurricane friend.

Because i don’t want to leave you on a sore note. I will tell a happy story. My little cousins like to play a lot, and I like to be busy doing other things. So they start chanting “We want to play”, and i couldn’t think of anything. Then i thought of the game charades. But i didn’t call it charades, I called it “guess who i am”. So they would come up to me, and i would tell one of them to be a thing, then hte other will guess. So that game was going so well that eventually, they just made up their own items and played with each other, and i didn’t need to tell them what to be. It was fun, becuase I had once again out smarted the little kids. The thing about it was that they were 7 and 4. The thing is that the 4 year old can’t play a lot of the other games because she can’t read. I had one of those staring contests with her, haha, and she doesn’t even lose. I look at her eyes and she wins all the time.

I’m going to work on my eye actions. I have the blink with the quick eyebrow raise thing down. I’m not sure what it is used for, but it looks good when i play on the guitar. It would replace the pointing of hte finger which i can’t do while i’m playing guitar.

I will then go on and write a book about how to make your eyes look confident. I don’t know what i will write in it. I will jsut say “thing of something happy, and it will make your eyes wider, and when you look into hte person’s eyes look into the iris, and hope they blink first becuase you will then win.

So i just blinked at you. Do you feel the confidence yet?

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