Yay, I did something interesting today. So i decided to use the Old Navy gift card i had. So i drove all the way to Regal and walked around there. I walked into Old Navy, and I didn’t see any guys in there. It felt very weird, when all the other people shopping next to me where mom’s, or some guy’s girlfriend who was picking out clothes for them. I acciedently bumped into a guy, who turned out to be a manquein. The manaquein’s are your level, and stand next to the rack of clothes, and that kept on making me think there was a person there.

Wow, I wished guy’s got good sales on clothes. But we don’t. There was a 50-75% off on stuff sign outside the store. So i walked in, and in the guy section i don’t think there was anything that was 75% off. I saw the clearance place, and they had 50% off there. But all the clothes that are there are usually XL or larger. So i ended up just picking up a pair of shirts. A long sleeve shirt and a baseball style t-shirt. Then i went to look at the cargo shorts. I started laughing, because those pants still look the same as the cargo pants i have. And they only have one style of cargo shorts. The only difference between the cargo pants were different shades of the color tan. So i didn’t buy any of those.

I was buying my watercolors this morning online. I think i spent 100 dollars. I bought a set of 14 paints, and those watercoloring blocks. Watercoloring blocks are the most expensive of all the stuff out there. 25 dollars for 20 sheets of 12×16. I’m buying the professional grade, becasue the cheap student ones don’t work well

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