I was at aacf today, and they had pastor aaron speaking on evangelism. It was very poignant and very relevant to me. And I wanted to go and touch someone’s life. So, I’m going to start with just what I can, and Scott Phillips this christian singer sang at aacf also, and he is really in touch with world vision.
So I signed up as a Child sponsor for world vision. I have this kid named Juan Carlos from Guatemala. He has the same birthday as me (thats why I chose him). Ricky did the same thing also with the kid he sponsored.

As a humorous theme, at first we didn’t know what kids to pick so we were looking for world cup soccer teams that we could root for. I saw ghana and some other african countries. But I went around to the other side and picked up the first picture I found. But right now, I think between ricky and I we are trying to predict which one of the kids we chose would be a better soccer player in 15 years.

I hung out at ronalds place after aacf, we played some guitar hero and some kind of drum game. Then I got owned in monopoly.

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