I had a weird dream

My dream was so vivid, there are actually more details to it, but I don’t really rmemeber it as much

onto my dream

MIGHTYdru: okay, i’m in this place
MIGHTYdru: its like this like city
MIGHTYdru: and i’m walking around, and this little city is a big middle downtown area
MIGHTYdru: and that area is actually own by this one guy
MIGHTYdru: so I’m going with my family and several other people
MIGHTYdru: and we go to this place that is right underneath, like a parking structure below
MIGHTYdru: and we go in there to live
MIGHTYdru: and underneath it “its like the rockefeller center, where the guy has this giant house, with all the land being owned by him
MIGHTYdru: all underneath the city
teh Philosopher: ok..
MIGHTYdru: oops
MIGHTYdru: i wrote the story in the wrong box
MIGHTYdru: in our night there, the man who owns the place says “you have 7 days to help me” and then he leaves
MIGHTYdru: and I think on the first night, I see some doctor come in, and he goes into the backyard where there is this old lady injured
MIGHTYdru: and I want to go out there, but this butler guys says “don’t worry about that, enjoy your stay”
MIGHTYdru: but I go out there, and I see that there is this lady who has been injured, but the doctor wants to stay off the record as being here
MIGHTYdru: and I’m all confused as to why he wouldn’t want to be associated
MIGHTYdru: and as I’m walking around the house, I see these little pieces of things lying on the ground
MIGHTYdru: and I pick up a piece of paper
MIGHTYdru: and on this piece of paper are little pieces like nuts and bolts with scissors and they kind of go together. if i find the piece
MIGHTYdru: and I really don’t know what it is
MIGHTYdru: so I don’t care about it
MIGHTYdru: so for the first 2 nights we go around outside shopping and coming back
MIGHTYdru: and the butler says “you have to finish the job”
MIGHTYdru: and I”m still confused
MIGHTYdru: so I go into one of the rooms, and I find some nuts and spoons
MIGHTYdru: that look like what I saw on the paper
MIGHTYdru: I find a metal nut, and put it to a clock
MIGHTYdru: and then magically it comes together and disappears
MIGHTYdru: and I think i find 3 more pieces in the room
MIGHTYdru: and as I find more pieces the rooms in the wall change
MIGHTYdru: they start looking nicer before this place got dirtier and more run down
MIGHTYdru: and I finish maybe 6 pieces
MIGHTYdru: and I see that, this house is trying to tell me a story
MIGHTYdru: and it rebuilds the main floor
MIGHTYdru: so when I run back outside, I see that there is this door
MIGHTYdru: i open it , and inside there is a dragon
MIGHTYdru: and it starts attacking me
MIGHTYdru: and I keep on dodging it
MIGHTYdru: then I think I hide behind a rock
MIGHTYdru: and it comes flying over me, and I kill it
MIGHTYdru: I think i got it tired
MIGHTYdru: and I just started pounding the dragon with a rock
MIGHTYdru: and kill it
MIGHTYdru: then I find more pieces that are on my paper
MIGHTYdru: and i put a nut to this key on the floor
MIGHTYdru: and eventually this room changes back into some really nice “titanic ballroom”
MIGHTYdru: and I see people walking around
MIGHTYdru: and I start figuring out what is happening
MIGHTYdru: I have to find all the pieces and solve the puzzle
MIGHTYdru: and there is the butler outside and he says “hurry up, we only have an hour or so to finish this”
MIGHTYdru: so I run to the 3rd side of the building and in there I find more pieces
MIGHTYdru: and I would put one piece together and run back to the other side
MIGHTYdru: and open this closet
teh Philosopher: hahah
MIGHTYdru: becuase each time i put in a piece the closet looked nicwer
MIGHTYdru: at first it looked like a bathroom
MIGHTYdru: then the second time it was more like a sauna room
MIGHTYdru: and the 3rd time it was like a giant spa in the closet
MIGHTYdru: and there was a bed with giant blankets at the end
MIGHTYdru: and i think I found 4 more pieces
MIGHTYdru: and when I ran back in the 4th time
MIGHTYdru: I see this woman
MIGHTYdru: who is standing there with just a towel on
MIGHTYdru: “in my dream, the lady wasn’t that hot, but really cute
MIGHTYdru: and she comes up to me and says “help me,” and then she kisses me on the lips
MIGHTYdru: and I think she drops her towel
MIGHTYdru: because she sees someone behind me
MIGHTYdru: and I turn around and I see this guy I don’t know
MIGHTYdru: and he says “what are you doing with my girl?”
MIGHTYdru: and I go, “nothing,”, and the guy pushes me out of the way
MIGHTYdru: and then I hear the butler say “hurry up, we better finish this”
MIGHTYdru: so I run back to the other room
MIGHTYdru: and I need to find the evidience taht the man killed this lady
MIGHTYdru: so I have to find a knife
MIGHTYdru: and this red looking tape
MIGHTYdru: and I put it together and the paper gives me a knife
MIGHTYdru: and then the butler goes, “we need to solve this now”
MIGHTYdru: and I can’t find hte last piece
MIGHTYdru: and I hear the clock stirking 12
MIGHTYdru: and I have to find these few pieces
MIGHTYdru: and its going dong
MIGHTYdru: dong
MIGHTYdru: dong
MIGHTYdru: and I can’t put all the pieces together
MIGHTYdru: and the butler comes up to me and says “sorry, but we’ve failed”
MIGHTYdru: and I wake up

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