Today was another one of those lazy summer days. The sun was out and it was hot outside. I was going to go call Marc to talk about housing but I couldn’t find reception in the house, and when I went outside I still got lazy reception. =( I’ll try again tomorrow after church, and I’m somewhere in Hayward.

So my parents went to the Alameda County fair. So I had to make my own dinner. And I notice that my appetite has come back to me. I’m eating like a horse. I had garlic bread, fried rice, watermelon, cookies, and a bowl of cereal for dinner. But I still don’t like alcohol. There was this fruity zinfandel in the fridge so I drank some it. It tasted sweet then I tasted the alcohol and it wasn’t sweet. To me that unsweet taste ruins the whole thing, Its like making a drawing, and spending 20 hours on 2/3 of the picture, and then spending 5 minutes on the last 1/3.

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