So for the past 50 minutes, I was just walking around watching my dad and Uncle try to fix the garage. Somehow the garage door’s chain was not working correctly or did not have enough force to push the garage door down. My dad wanted me to manually close the garage, but I don’t have much force right now because of my jammed pinky. I notice that without my pinky I can’t grip things hard and use all my force because it hurts my pinky. So instead of using my strength, I tried to go monkey style and use my weight to hang and have it pull down, but that did not work.
We call our uncle who lives down the street (literally 6 houses away), and he pops up 5 minutes later. Now, the garage door is fixed (we believe), but its still not sure what was the problem, so it might occur again tomorrow.

I finally got to do some real engineering things today at my internship. A semi-retired guy (he reminds me of harrison ford) is working on a manual, so he needed me to recreate some cad drawings that he wanted from plans that were prints made by another copy. Drawing on CAD was a bit more interesting then the documenting of drawings because I was getting frustrated with filing. Some of the drawings were missing pages, and the pages never will be found.

The guys at work always have so many interesting stories. One of the engineer did not come to work in the morning because he had insomnia all night. And only fell asleep at 7am.

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