2nd grade

So at work today, I built myself a fort out of boxes. Currently, the boxes are set up as a giant wall around my desk. The reason is because they are going to be redoing the carpet all around. We got a lot of boxes, and I wanted to make it easier for the other guys, by already making the boxes for them, so all they have to do is just grab one. Since no one needed any yet, I just built a wall.

I think the guys at the top saw me looking at the water fountain and wondering why it was not working. So I go to work today and I see that the water fountain is on and running water is going through. Maybe they did hear me, or they caught that skunk.

While I was pushing big boxes around, the packaging tape would get ripped off on the carpet and rolled up very tightly. So it kind of looked like a minature diarama rope. So I just put all the tape together and made it look like a hammock hanging on some trees.

And I did do a lot of work today, even though it seems like I just sit around. Those guys want me to stay longer, but I told them I couldn’t.

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