end of work

I’m kind of sad that work has ended for me. It was like a small family, so the guys in the engineering office took me out to lunch. We ate a lot of steak, and I was stuffed. I think they want me to come back and work for them when I graduate, becuase they keep on telling me how secure working for a sanitary district is. So I’m thinking about it, but I’m not sure, I might want to try other things. Actually, I need to focus my goals, and tunnel it into one goal so I can actually accomplish something instead of nothing.

I was at vinesh’s house after work, and we were watching I love the 90’s, futurama, and degrassi. After playing some video games we decided to go drive around the neighborhood to see people who didn’t secure their wireless network. As we were leaving his house, I picked up this missing cat paper that I found on his front door. It was around 9pm when we left, so as we were driving around, we (actually I) see this cat underneath a truck. I think of think it is the cat in the paper, so we get out of the car and try to say the name of the cat. And it wasn’t the right cat because it didn’t respond to us, but instead ran away.

Tomorrow, I’m going to hang out with Everett in the morning, then other things will happen later in the day.

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