#1 in the hood G

If only I could do magic tricks well, but I”m getting faster at my card tricks. Just need to wait until i have surgery to fix my pinky so then I can hide my cards well. Currently, you can see me trying to hide the card behind the top of my hand because my pinky doesn’t go straight all the way, and you can see the tip of the card where I’m holding it.

The people working on fixing the pipe in the parking area outside my house suck. They have been working on it for at least 3-4 days. Each day i go out there to drive to school, another parking spot is dug up because they are looking for the leak. The parking lot is also filled with puddles of water, so i keep on splashing myself inadvertently.

Finally, I wrote some cover letters and sent out my resumes to more companies. I also had a phone interview with that one business consulting company. So it appears that the way that company works is that it sends out its workers to work with other companies. They are currently hiring positions to work as project managers for Applied Materials, but through the company. The job sounds potentially interesting, but also potentially boring because it won’t have as much engineering in it. Maybe I can get an offer so i can leverage another company with it.
Speaking of the phone interview, I had a really enjoyable time talking to that guy. Also, I was really relaxed so I spoke really smoothly and just studdered once. Its a good thing that I naturally like to tell funny jokes, because it naturally just comes out when I talked. I was talking about my job, and saying how my internship wasn’t too much work, because it wasn’t hard to smell a problem.

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