project due in 12 hours

That’s all I have to say. We spent all day working on it. I skipped two classes, and we are so close to being done. The only thing that is missing is some kind of rubber that has enough friction to twist the cap and keep it from sliding.

9-3pm – project
3-5pm played baseball with Alby. We went to Jeff’s van and didn’t drive it. Instead we carried the ball bag and gloves around half a mile to the field. I was so tired. I got winded really easily after that.

5-9 project
9-10:30 dinner. And while i was eating, I put my head back and fell asleep. I wake up 25 minutes later and run out the door to my lab partner’s house.

now till when its done. Project

And the funny part is that i’m updating my journal in the ME lab, and my whole ME lab is in here with me. Everyone else is working on their project also. At 11:45pm. Its feels like i’m in class.

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