take that design project

After 40-50 hours of design, building, and analysis. We finally finished it. It took forever but we got it done about 30 minutes before our lab started.

So, this project was not working last night when I was updating my livejournal. That was the problem, and two of my lab partners were really sad that is wasn’t working. But we had to start working on analysis and finishing up the report. So I’m sitting in the lab with other people from my lab class at 2am. Then I take a break and walk around talking to them.

Then there was this one group, they had a similiar build as us. And for them, they used a bungie chord as their rubber, becuase it had enough friction without sliding, to give the required torque to uncap the bottle. So I was so excited, and call my lab partners who were still awake at 2:30am.

I’m not sure what happened in the morning, but it was kind of interesting. My lab partner, Keith woke up at 9:30 after going to sleep at 7am. And he said he was running around home depot, because he woke up too late. So I think him, and Kyle were putting in that rubber. And just as they were about to get it fixed in the craft center, the fire alarm goes off. And they went “nooooo, we need to finish this”, and had to evacuate. So that took them like half an hour.

Speaking of the fire alarm going off, Todd told me how the asi has doors that automatically lock. So when the fire alarm went off, the doors to the doors in the UU automatically lock. And the alarm was triggered near the girls restroom, because thsoe doors locked and the police with guns drawn went towards in there.

But then my lab partners got back to finisihing the rubber. Then they tried it, and when it worked they both ran around jumping up and down. I wasn’t there, but they told me that. For some reason, it hadn’t occurred to me that the rubber might not work. But it could be that they were less optimistic then me

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