college time

What screws me up all the time is college time and real world time. So usually I wake up early, and do my stuff. Then it may be around 8-9am. Then I think, I want to go do something with so and so. And usually when i’m calling them, they are not awake. So I have to wait until after 10 to call them. Especially on saturday mornings.

But then on the other hand. With all those realtors and people coming over. They call me at 8:30am in the morning. And I’m groggy and confused sometimes. Then my classmates call me late at night when I’m feeling sleepy. For some reason, they always seem to call me when I’m still awake. They must know something about my sleep pattern, that is all over the place. Becuase I was going to sleep last night and my friend called at 12:30am to ask me some questions on homework, just as I was about to get into my bed.

What kind of annoys me is when my lab partner gets frustrated while doing the lab and starts cursing under his breath. It makes me feel frustrated too, but since I’m more on the optimistic side I go and continue on. So I usually just take over and do the lab experimention part and try to figure out what is wrong. Like today, we kept on getting no signal, and it wasn’t working. And my lab partner wanted to just destroy the machine. So I sat around and did all the tinkering until I finally figured out how the machine works. Then it was easy. It took us 2 hours to understand something that we could do in 25 minutes.

I was working in the woodshop with my lab partners. And i’ll put up pictures later when I get my hands on them. So as I was doing some measurements, I hear this pop from the table saw. I looked over and saw my lab partner acting like nothing really happened. And I was confused, because if you ever use a table saw. The wood is cut in half, and usually the person puts his hands on the side of the wood next to the fence so he can keep the wood straight.
I looked over and I didn’t see a piece of wood on his side, but I did see one on the other. So I was wondering where it went, but because he acted like nothing happened to him, I looked away. So then 2 hours later, when we go back to Kyle’s house, he shows us that that piece of wood gave him a shot that took out his breath.
He had this giant red mark on his stomach (1 inch by 5 inch mark). And there was a nice long cut (actually coagulated by then) on the top and bottom, where the wood hit him. Its a good thing we were using metal, because sheet metal would have just sliced him up.

Finally, Alby wanted to play baseball. So we went to play baseball at around 10pm. But we only played for 20 minutes, because we couldn’t find a field with lights on. And the only one we found was an intramural football game, but that game only lasted about 15 more minutes, once we got there.

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