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Klimt @ Legion Of Honor

February 18, 2018


This is a late post, but i thought it would be nice to put it up, because it is one of the few places that Sherri really enjoys going to. Art Museums, especially the artist being Klimt.

I think my favorite part about art is how everyone has their own opinion on things, and just what they like about something. And the funny part is mostly the idea how a lot of naked “portraits” are considered art. Especially Klimt and his drawings. Smile

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Golden Gate Bridge

August 22, 2015


This is the golden gate painting I made from Beyond Canvas. It was a lovely day when I made this.


Sunset @ Union City Library

August 14, 2015


Here was a really pretty shot I saw today while eating dinner with Chosen and Michael Louie. It was around 8:30, 80 degrees outside, looking at the balcony of the Union City Library.