Worrying? Don’t know

What I found really intriguing at work is just how much my co-workers can have an affect on my emotions. If I don’t come in and meditate a few minutes before I start the work day, I get a little bit more antsy. Especially with my bad attitude co-worker, who always stresses out over his kid, money, and job security. That guy seems to always be smoking to calm himself down.


But I hate it when he starts to worry about all these things. I’ve looked at him and gone “c’mon, some of the stuff you are worrying about is from rumoars, or something you just made up in your head”. And a lot of the stuff he has worried about has never come true, hahahaha. The combination of his smoking and worrying make him look early 30’s compared to me, even though I am 1 month older than him. =)


I just wanted to put two pictures on my blog, but that is what my badges look like. I’ve actually never used either one, but I have them if I need. What makes me laugh, is when I see the word “contractor” on my nametag, I thiink of being a blackwater contractor. Which would make me a mercenary. =)


I got my other shirt from Zoe clothing. I just like how they put this sticker on the outside of their box. A hot and freshly served T-Shirt!



So I guess I should talk about what I worry about. You might think I don’t worry about anything because I seem to have everything in life somewhat moving in the right order.


1) I think i do worry about how I develop as an engineer, because I get my reviews from work which tell me what I need to work on. It is hard, because I know what I need to do but it will take time. Too bad I just can’t go from regular to elite engineer in a snap.

2) There are certain things in my future that I have a slight concern about. Like where would I want to buy a house? Should I continue in this career path.


3) The one that does kind of worry me, is what does God really want me to do with my gifts and talents. It is starting to clear up now, because I think I found things like serving on Core for Graceland. However, along with that I’m finding that I’m having a harder and harder time teaching younger kids. It feels like I am watching myself mature.


4) Finally, I really have 2 goals this year in wanting to develop myself. One is being a strong leader (I notice I only seem to be reading 2 types of books now, illusions or leadership books). =)


Tomorrow, I’ll talk about my goals I want to make by the end of the month.

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