Relaxing Saturday

Hooray for relaxing saturdays. I woke up, and enjoyed the day without having to worry about studying or really having to prepare anything like Children Sunday School.

So I got around to cleaning my room and dumping a lot of old papers (out of date insurance info). Now most of hte stuff left in my room are things taht I readily use, or is not junk. =)
However, I do have a lot of paint/art suppies that are not being used. So I”m going to have to start drawing to use them up. When I buy my house, I’m not going to buy any artwork, but instead spent couple days drawing/painting my own art. So I guess I should start now, beucase I might want to dcolor pencil draiwngs up there, and those will take me forever. =)

For tonight’s dinner, my parents had hot pot, So I sat around eating a lot of food tonight.



I love hoisin sauce, sesame oil, and cilantro as my dipping sauce.

I finally had a chance to start reading my illusions textbook, this book is maybe one of 2 textbooks i’ve ever enjoyed reading. What was the other textbook I enjoyed reading? It was my robotics textbook.

So i watched dvd’s on two tricks I had bought today. So maybe i’ll show them next week, and start uploading things to the site.



What is so special about this picture? Nothing, but its a little bit of hte equipment I use for my magic. Most people have those notecard binder as a recipe book. I use mine as my illusions recipe book, where I write down the trick and basics on how to perform it. =) Then I have the mirror where I practice against (but i actually do more in front of my webcam). Now the 2 green rice bowls, i’m not sure what they are doing there, and there is the newest linking ring trick I bought.

Notice how they make an ordinary trick look awesome! All you have tor do is show some fire, and it is great!!!

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