Fun out on the field

I was working out in the field today. Not too much engineering work in the office, so they are using us out in the field where they do not have enough manpower. So I got to do startup work, mostly just commissioning of points. Which meant I was making sure that the points on the computer software were correct and working correctly.

Random fun pictures from the field. I don’t know if i will get in trouble so i won’t say where it is from, just in case I get caught. =)

First Floor,


There is a game room, and they were starting to put things on the shelves.


Open area next to the hearth room


Backside of hearth room



What is inside that room you ask?


It is a nice lounge area.

Men’s Restroom


Women’s Restroom



Such a fancy sink in restroom. So modern/minimalist



Lets say this building was specifically design to please the customer asthestically. So there are a lot of unauthordox stuff in there.

In each of the small screening is this nice screen that is all in blue. I almost want it to be



That, and I spent most of my day today just uncluttering all the wires i have in my drawer. Too many electronics means a rat nest I have built.

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