working hard on math

yeah, i’m kind of unsure how to do section 3.6. But i have an idea about space. and vectors in subspace. I hope he asks a question i can answer.

Now i know how to use the ref button in my calculator. I alwasy wonder what hte row reduction ephilsion form meant.


my teacher has an accent

so i was taking my math midterm today, and my math teacher was talking about eigen values while i was taking the test. I thought i heard him say “if your determint does equals zero your are doing it wrong.” What he actually said was “if your determint does equals zero your are not doing it wrong” . So i finished every question on the test, and i was trying to figure out the last problem, becasue my determinent kept on going to zero. So i just kind of made myself forget what hte teacher was saying and trying out the problem. But the bad thing was i only had 5 minutes left when i made that resoluation. So i had to quickly write down my answer. I think i got most of it correct. I just didn’t get a chance to really check my numbers. I didn’t put my ansers in the right form. I think. I hope i get 90% of the credit.


I must be losing my hearing

i think that’s what it is. Or my brain is just overloading itself trying to take in every single information it can. I think it all happened when i turned 20. My physics teacher was saying something about. For every decade you are alive you lose one ability to multitask. And we all start out with 10. So we can do 10 things at one time. So i think i’m down to 8. And i think my hearing was the task i lost, becuase i use the other 8 for other tasking.

I can never hear what people are saying to me in the kitchen unless they are looking at me and talking to me. If they are talking to me with my back to them, i can’t hear them. Maybe i just have very sensative ears, that pick up everything, and has to throw out everything. Could i imagine what would happen if i had to comprehend everything.

Just sit here and listen to me. I can hear my fan going, even though it’s very light. I can hear the distanct sound of music. I hear footstesp, the brezze on the leaves, typing from my hands, the tension as my arm rubs my shirt, my internal head reading outloud what i’m writing.


i read other people’s blog

i read their blogs, when i blog. I don’t know why. But i noticed that I blog a lot, because usually nobody else’s log i’ve read has been updated. What’s up with that. I’m not a blog addict, because i can go end on end without blogging. The only reason i blog is because i want to talk. And I don’t really have a roommate, and my other suite mates are always here, so i just talk to the computer. I woud be talking to myself if i really had to. But that’s not as fun, becuase then nobody will laugh at my jokes when i mention something that happened to me.

I was thinking, if i got mad while i was playing basketball… would i be a dominating player. Could i out play everyone. I don’t know, but you can find out. If you push me to the point where i release the inner titan, we’ll find out if i really am scary on the court.

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