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So I am a little pissed today. I made a car rental online from orbitz online for my car rental in vancouver. What I didn’t realize is that when I was choosing for a car rental time, they popped up a car rental place that closes earlier than my flight arrived. I was arriving at 6:30pm ,and they let me reserve a car from a place that closes at 6:00pm. When I got to the airport, I  walked around looking for the car rental shuttle pickup. It was really far away on the other side of the parking lot.

I make it all the way over there, and I see there is a sign to call for them to pick me up. When I look at the sign I see there are hours of operation on it. It says it closes at 6:00pm. So I call the number on it just in case maybe they meant that the shuttle only works until 6:00pm. Maybe their office opens a little bit later. However that was not the case, I was lucky that there was an enterprise shuttle that was picking up a lady at the same time, so I asked the driver if he could call in to see if there was a car I could rent. Since my phones had not been set for canada, I was planning on just using only data to get around,

It made me really mad that I was given a rental for a car place that I had to prepaid and I could not cancel. What I also realized is that the company enterprise rental cost is constant through the whole year, and since it is slow season in vancouver, the company price is more expensive than a person walking in price. 

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