Klimt @ Legion Of Honor


This is a late post, but i thought it would be nice to put it up, because it is one of the few places that Sherri really enjoys going to. Art Museums, especially the artist being Klimt.

I think my favorite part about art is how everyone has their own opinion on things, and just what they like about something. And the funny part is mostly the idea how a lot of naked “portraits” are considered art. Especially Klimt and his drawings. Smile


Here is our happy girl just walking around a set of their China. Everytime i see china and plates I imagine that stuff in my house will one day be antiques and found in a museum like this. I just imagine how I throw away a broken plate right now, that broken plate could be some museum piece in 200 years.


Statues are always so fun to look at. I always sit here wondering how long it would take for me to make a statue like that. Or how someone just has so much time to be devoted to just sculpting.


This is one of the prettiest recreation for a french hotel room in the 1800’s. It must have been nice to be an artist back then. I would assume that being an artist back then would be like being a social media star now. How you might have a portfolio of stuff now on instagram and youtube. Back then, it was just on flat media.  So i imagine a hotel room is like one’ person’s version of a youtube channel, with everything they like in there.


IMG_20171229_130102This is my favorite picture from the museum. I really love scenery. Especially mountains and waters.


Finally, here is one of the more famous klimt paintings. When i  saw it, I was joking with sherri that it looked like a whole lot of ladies in one bed. She didn’t really know what it was, but i think she thought it was just a lady sleeping on a lot of bedsheets. Upon reading the description it was really different ladies interlaced together depicting the different stages of womanhood.

Overall, I think sherri loves art museums the way i love science museums. I really enjoyed the place, and had a great time with my baby sherri.

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