Working on the backyard


I saw that my neighbor 2 blocks down was remodeling his house, and he was throwing away all this wood that was ripped out from the house. So I drove by and picked up some broken 2 by 4’s and used it to make it into a trellis for the corner of my backyard with the baby pond.

It took around 2 weekends to get it done. Most of the hard work was just finding time to prep all the wood to cut, and then screwing it together. It seems like it would be fast,but everything takes so long if I want to at least make it look good. It makes me feel really good when I get little things like this done, so I can enjoy it with Sherri. We can take walks and just enjoy everything that God has made for us.


Then there were left over wood that I just ended up cutting to make as a trellis for another vine that is in my backyard.


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