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Today, i’m thankful for the sun, the moon, the grass, the crickets that sing (in a very rhymthmic, dull, noise). I bet if i added other sounds, crickets would make great metronomes. I’m thankful that i get to have a job, even though i only work once a week. It’s still the best. =). I wonder how influential my life has been. One of these days, I want to have someone that i totally don’t know, come up to me and tell me how my life affected them in such a way, that they wanted to know more about God. I would be so estatic, i would do a backflip (if i learn how to, i don’t trust myself flipping backwards.) =).


I thought of a cool song in the shower. This one isn’t one of my funny songs. It’s a God song, i’m not sure if it’s worship, but it’s just a reminder.


I walked around,
no where to go.
saw the Lord,
found my goal.

He showed me,
love and grace,
set me free
I’ve found my place

God’s love has flooded us
Numerous beyond our mind
It flows so deep and runs so far
that he sent his only son

Okay, i really didn’t make up all the words in the shower. I made up some of it, and the tune, so most of the words on the song, i made up just right now as i was writing my blog. Hehe, I think i would write great VBS songs, because all thsoe songs rhyme. They rhyme so much that i remembered i was helping VBS once, and i just hear the first 4 verses, and i could almost sing the song correctly. From knowing the first 4 verses. Words like strong, belong, wrong. So a phrase will be like God is so strong, he makes no wrong. That is me singing in poetry. I rap in rhyme to. I would do thinks like. i flow and go, like a pogo. I run and fly, because i try =). Okay, time to sleep now.


Take that evil ninja monkey. My pink purple monkey’s will aura will scare you away.


what a thrilling ending to the day

so my day was just like the sharks game. I had a really fast morning, but i was having trouble finishing. I was doing this math homework, and i couldn’t figure out what i was suppose to do to get the answer. So i look at the book for a bit of time, then after a while , i finially figure it out. It just lights up in my head. Take that laplace transform.

So i went t o see the guys taht will most likely be my roommates for next year, patrick, and justin. Were were watching the sharks and kings game. I was more interested in the sharks game.

Oh yeah, i remember what i did today. I did my version of fast food. Mike P. always was saying how Andrew (not me, another one) Chris’s place had food, but they wouldn’t let them eat it. So i decided to be nice and make him a cheese quesedia. So i make it and leave my room at 11:55AM. I arrive and Andrew, Adam’s room, and they say mike left already. So i walked out to see where he was. He was really far away when i got to hte stairs. Because i didn’t see him on the ground. So i walked downstairs and i got to the road and saw that he was at least 200 yards in front of me. So i was still holding the quesida, but i didn’t want to hold it. So i folded up my quesida nad his quesida in my napkin, and stuck it in my pants. Then i ran fast, and caught him. Then it looked kind of funny, with me sticking my hand into my pockets to pull out hot food. =). He liked it a lot. That was good. So today i had some fast food on me.


I had a bloody nose in the shower and it wouldn’t stop. So i just let it drip. Then i was whipping my nose to and the blood got on my arm, and i accidently brushed my hand on the shower curtain. So you saw this nice red streak of blood. I thought i would look really scary, if someone was filiming the shower curtain. Then, i turned the shower head toward the curtains, and it was all washed off, and now it is clean. =). I should start selling my blood if i keep on playing with it.

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