too sensitive

yeah, i’m too sensative. =(.


That makes me sad, becuase my heart then starts to ache over everything. LIke everytime i see those commercials about Christian Children Fund, i feel like getting a kid, but i don’t have the money to support one right now. =(. So i just stare at the little kids, and pray that someone finds them.


Then i see the homeless people, it tears me even more if they are old people. Then i think, wow, they could be like my grandparents. And it makes me want to help them even more.


Then i see somebody get insulted and i feel for the insulted person. If someone insulted me, i would take it personally, becuase i wear my heart on my sleeves. I like to be proactive, instaed of reactive. Makes things easier.


I hear a little bird sitting in its roof area waiting for food. Such a calm little bird. And an eagle flys by to make the sceneray even better. Reminds me of palomares everyday.Oooh there are 3 of them, in a circle formation. There comes a 4th one. It’s a squad of eagles.


Okay, my heart is aching for some reason, and i’m not sure why. I think its aching for more of God. That’s what i’m starving for, God’s love.


where did everyone go?

hmm, i’m studying madly. But i don’t see or hear anyone. I think i’m the only one left here. =(. If you want to, you can bother me.


hypothetical question

so i was just thinking, i could set up my own internet country online. I could make up an internet piece of landand take it over. So i’m thinking, could i start an internet governement. Get people to join the internet governemet. If i beat the UN to it, will they let me. Ooh, even better. I’ll be like the cyberland realter. So if you want a piece of my cyberland, just ask me. I’ll make you a nice plot of land, and everything.


Sorry, but Alpha-0 has already been given out. It’s a nice place if you want to go digital.

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