update lalalalala

i wish other people would update their blog more often. Because i get bored seeing the same post from last week. =)

Anyways i’ll fly through my day. I beat megaman network on the gba emulator. And i did my physics homework, and finished it just in time for my class.

I bought a taco salad for lunch, and I have no girlfriend.

I”m reading the newspaper, and it’s a lot of useless stuff.

I really forgot what i wanted to blog about. How about this. If anyone leaves a comment, tell me what i should blog about, becuase i want a comment. =). It’s easy to post a comment, no need to sign in or anything. All you have to do is just put some words in and BAM it’s on here. Unlike Xanga, and Livejournal.

Oh, since it’s april fools day, i should play a trick. But i really don’t feel like it. I”ll just sleep right now.

Can’t you feel the love flowing out of my journal. I put a lot of TLC into it.



my roommate got kicked out of cal poly because he was on AP 3 in row, tick tack toe. It isn’t that bad until i looked at what he had. Because we were sharing things. I was borrowing his frying pan, because mine broke last quarter. So i was using his and because he moved out today i don’t haev a frying pan. Well i don’t think any of us have a frying pan. But i think we just lost some of the cooking stuff. because he had a lot of the stuff, so we didn’t really need our stuff. So i took it home. =).

Now i need to figure out who’s 10 day old milk is in the refrigerator.

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