wild turkey

and i’m not talking about the liquor, which I heard was nasty. My friend in college told me that he once tried wild turkey because his favorite comic book character wolverine drank that stuff, so he had to try it himself.

Actually, i’m talking about the wild turkeys that were walking around the parking lot today. The engineering manager saw it so we walked outside to try to catch one. I was pretty close to getting one, we had it cornered between two cars, however i was scared it was going to bite ( or peck) me. So i let it run by, I guess the next time I see it i’ll go for the neck and see if I can catch it. My other engineering co-worker was sad because he wanted to fire up the BBQ and have some turkey if we caught it.

That was the turkey we cornered.

Those were the other 2 turkeys that got away. They were faster than the slow one.

One of the IT guys in the office is transferring to the westlake office (in LA) because it is more convient. So I decided for the engineering group that we were kicking him out of the office lottery pool. Where we put in 2 dollars for each lottery, so 4 dollars a week. He didn’t want to get kicked out, so he pulled out a 100 dollar bill and said “here is 100 dollars, whiich should be good for 25 weeks. You can do whatever you want with the money, but if you guys should win the lottery, know that I will be coming up here to collect. So I am expecting you to put me into the pool everyweek. The office cameras and Zach are my witness.” So long story short, I’m keeping him in the lottery pool. He has locked it in for 25 weeks.

I was sit last week so I did not do any beachbody insanity. I come back today and do one set, oh my I felt so slow and barely finished it. =).

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